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Quality Bi-Folding doors that are available in both UPVc or Aluminium. Bi-Folding Doors bring the outside and inside together. It’s a modern twist on the now old fashioned patio doors but with a host of additional benefits. Traditional patio doors and French doors usually have restricted access and normally consist of only two doors which can limit access, light and overall appearance. Whereas bi-folding doors open up your view to the great outdoors, expand your natural light intake and can be opened in their entirety to bring harmony between your inside and outside environments.

A standard four-metre wide Bi–Folding Door requires approximately five separate panels at 800mm each. Folded completely back, these doors leave 3.6 metres of open space. Just imagine the fresh air flowing into your home, not to mention the unobstructed views of your garden or outdoor scenery!

There are numerous configurations available, each designed to suit the opening you may have. Maximum individual door size is approx 1000mm, with an overall height of 2500mm. In reality, a set of Bi-Folding Doors can be developed for any opening width you might have.

Here are some considerations while choosing your doors.

1. Bi-Folding Doors require very accurate sizes to be manufactured. When joining UPVc section by fusion welding there is always a greater degree of finished size tolerance compared with Aluminium.

2. The maximum permitted size of a UPVc door is in the region of 4000mm wide x 2250mm high in white profile and when you want a colour or woodgrain then you are looking at 2.5 metres wide by 2.1metres high. Aluminium Bi-Folds can have a width of 20 metres and a height of 2.5metres regardless of colour.

3. Bi-Folding Doors evolved from a mainly commercial market where they were mainly produced using Aluminium sections. They have stood the test of time. UPVc is a relative newcomer.

4. Bi-Folding Doors can be asked to carry up to 80kg of glass per leaf. Securing the hardware to the profile in Aluminium is done using machine screws, which are precision screws that can be screwed in and out many times.

5. Some UPVc systems rely on manually sawing rebates off profiles (Like T section to Z section) to form a weatherseal. Whereas in our Aluminium system each profile is system specific. This is not to say that Bi-Folding Doors made from UPVc will not perform to system specifications because they do. But it is hard to deny that Aluminium has many advantages.

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